Muslim Archers Field Shoot – Bucks – June 4 2012

A quote from one of the archers who attended this event;



Men…..walking, nay marching….holding in their hands their beloved…bows & arrows….the art of war, the feeling of camaraderie, out in the elements, sun…. rain…. shining, then overcast. We pull back & release…. simplicity, yet elegance in motion…the silence before the inevitable thud… focusing our inner soul to be silent….either the feeling of ecstasy or utter dismay, but again we turn inwards & upwards as we load again….getting ever closer to that sweetest of spots… mark after mark, or victim after victim…until we end with a feeling of triumph…

A day to remember and a renewed vigour towards the Artless Art..

Korean Master – ‘…The secret of archery is called Samki Chilwoon – it means 30% skill & 70% luck..but I believe the 70% luck depends upon the 30% skill…’

Allah bless all those who attended today, and the organisers, it gave the faqir a new perspective shooting whilst subject to the elements, again even if no medals were won, majestic rewards were there to be taken and God gives from His bounty.”