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    Archery for All
    Archery Leaders qualification (recognized by ArcheryGB)
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    Archery for All
    Archery Leaders qualification (recognized by ArcheryGB)
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    Archery for All
    Archery Leaders qualification (recognized by ArcheryGB)
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    Archery for All
    Archery Leaders qualification (recognized by ArcheryGB)


• al-Habib Kazim as-Saqqaf*
• Ibrahim Osi-Efa
• Jamal Hysaw
• Jehad Shamis
• Nisar Sheikh

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Saturday, 16th July – Friday, 29th July 2016


May 1st brings us the annual Willowbrook shoot at the Willowbrook farm in Oxford.

Greetings all.

Forgot about this short clip I did in July 2010 with RMW. Apologies for the sound (not my fault!). It was done during the month of fasting for Muslims, Ramadhan and was meant to be a snippet of how muslims spend their days without food and water!


Arrow and Bow: Reviving Sacred Archery from Mansoor Suleman on Vimeo.

May 2010.
Here’s a great little video about when I invited my good friend Gökmen Altinkulp over from Ireland, where he’s currently working, to deliver a talk on Ottoman archery and give a demonstration. Poor guy sacrificed his own clothes for the weekend to show us his amazing chainmail suit which he made himself (took him over 1yr) and his helmet and sword – Easyjet…what can I say!.

Since then he came over again in November 2011 and we ran a 2-day thumbring making course. Out of the 9 attendees about 4 actually finished with a working thumbring which was a great achievement (3 of them were ladies no less!).

A quote from one of the archers who attended this event;



Men…..walking, nay marching….holding in their hands their beloved…bows & arrows….the art of war, the feeling of camaraderie, out in the elements, sun…. rain…. shining, then overcast. We pull back & release…. simplicity, yet elegance in motion…the silence before the inevitable thud… focusing our inner soul to be silent….either the feeling of ecstasy or utter dismay, but again we turn inwards & upwards as we load again….getting ever closer to that sweetest of spots… mark after mark, or victim after victim…until we end with a feeling of triumph…

A day to remember and a renewed vigour towards the Artless Art..

Korean Master – ‘…The secret of archery is called Samki Chilwoon – it means 30% skill & 70% luck..but I believe the 70% luck depends upon the 30% skill…’

Allah bless all those who attended today, and the organisers, it gave the faqir a new perspective shooting whilst subject to the elements, again even if no medals were won, majestic rewards were there to be taken and God gives from His bounty.”



(Credit: Neil Payne)

When on a recent trip to Iran I was invited into the offices of the Iran Archery Federation. Upon walking in, across the top of the walls, were written “The Characteristics of a Good Archer”. These characteristics are attributed to Bahram Gur, a legendary figure in Iranian history also famed for his archery skills (as depicted in the picture above). I quickly scribbled the characteristics down on a scrap piece of paper but ended up losing it. However, it has now been found in a jacket pocket – so here they are!

1. Good tempered

2. Manly

3. Generous

4. Beneficent

5. Purified

6. Not Lazy

7. Not Greedy

8. Veracious

9. Well intentioned

10. Good characteristics

11. Just

12. Good natured

13. Grateful to the teacher

14. Obedient

15. Contented

16. Liberal & merciful

A Recent interview with Voice of the Cape in South Africa about archery


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