A list of common questions we get asked, please click the “+” icon for the answer:

How can I continue doing archery after the course has finished?

We don’t just leave you high and dry. Where possible we will recommend local clubs for you to join and even provide proof to the club of hours many hours you have completed in case you need to do a beginners course with them.

Our company has a large hall, can you do archery there?

Archery can be set-up almost anywhere, as long as a thorough risk assessment has been conducted and the venue meets the requirements we can run archery sessions at most client sites.

Where do you teach?

Anywhere and everywhere! We mainly work around the South London and Woking area but we have even delivered archery sessions as far as Manchester and Leicester. Why not subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated about our teaching location and schedule.

Are you fully qualified?

All of our instructors meet the minimum requirement of being Archery Leaders through the governing body (ArcheryGB) as well as having insurance and an enhanced CRB check. Some may have further qualifications such as being a Level 1 coach or having passed a course for inclusive coaching (coaching for disabilities).

What’s the youngest age you teach from?

Generally from Year 3 or about 7 years +.

I’m not very fit, can I still do archery?

Of course! You don’t need to be an athlete but we do ensure we do a quick warm-up and cool-down during the session. Any other specific health issues should be made known to the instructor before the class.

Isn’t archery very dangerous?

Ever heard of someone getting shot in an archery class? Archery has an excellent record for being a safe sport, in fact you’re more likely to get an injury from football than archery. Careful planning is involved for each course to ensure everything from the venue to the equipment is suitable and in good working order.

My school/Company would like to run archery sessions, what should we do?

We have a wealth of experience delivering archery to schools, whether it be curriculum based or enrichment classes we can organise sessions to suit your requirements. Email us and we’ll be happy to discuss it further.

Can you provide archery for the disabled or aged?

Absolutely, archery is Paralympic sport so whether you’re in a wheelchair, blind or an amputee we can adapt sessions to your groups’ needs. We have worked with groups such as Age Concern and MIND who thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

Isn’t archery an expensive sport to get into?

Not necessarily. Unlike some other sports you don’t need to break the bank in order to enjoy the sport. We provide all the necessary equipment you need. When you decide to buy your own equipment we can advise you on what to buy according to your level and goals.