The Characteristics of a Good Archer

(Credit: Neil Payne)

When on a recent trip to Iran I was invited into the offices of the Iran Archery Federation. Upon walking in, across the top of the walls, were written “The Characteristics of a Good Archer”. These characteristics are attributed to Bahram Gur, a legendary figure in Iranian history also famed for his archery skills (as depicted in the picture above). I quickly scribbled the characteristics down on a scrap piece of paper but ended up losing it. However, it has now been found in a jacket pocket – so here they are!

1. Good tempered

2. Manly

3. Generous

4. Beneficent

5. Purified

6. Not Lazy

7. Not Greedy

8. Veracious

9. Well intentioned

10. Good characteristics

11. Just

12. Good natured

13. Grateful to the teacher

14. Obedient

15. Contented

16. Liberal & merciful