Horseback Archery

Horseback Archery – HBA

This ancient discipline is slowly making a comeback in the UK. Since its beginning, Archery for All has sought out the best teachers for  training in this martial art. In some cases traveling abroad to learn from those that hold the skills of the discipline.


HBA training doesn’t always require a horse, one must get their foundation solid first. Our clinics can be run with or without horses and we use a variety of improvised equipment to mimic the experience of shooting from a horse.


Whether you shoot with fingers or thumbs HBA is a great way to bring people together and discover new skill sets they didn’t know they had. Working with horses is also a proven and effective way of dealing with difficult students and those with behavioural issues.


During our training we have had the honour of being invited and entering many competitions around the world, see our gallery below. From the UK and abroad as far as Korea and the USA we have competed to help shape this sport for future generations.


HBA Vids